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                    Contact Us

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                    • GENERAL INQUIRIES

                      For all general inquiries that do not fit into another category choice. We'll forward your message to the appropriate contact.

                    • PRESENTATION QUALITY

                      Please send your comments about the quality of the IMAX Experience to the Chief Quality Officer of IMAX.

                    • BRAND PARTNERSHIPS

                      For companies or brands looking to co-sponsor, cross-promote, and integrate with the IMAX brand or film marketing campaigns through various promotional channels.

                    • MEDIA & PRESS

                      For media inquiries, interview requests, Blog @ IMAX inquiries and information regarding IMAX technology or our IMAX film slate.

                    • INVESTOR RELATIONS

                      For investors and investment analysts seeking information about IMAX corporation.

                    • THEATRE DEVELOPMENT & SALES

                      For exhibitors or investors looking to build or expand the IMAX footprint in their region/country.

                    • WEBSITE FEEDBACK

                      For users who have questions or comments about any of IMAX.com's features.

                    • CLIP LICENSING

                      If you wish to use a documentary clip, still, or poster from the IMAX Corporation library, please submit a request here.

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                    Playa Vista

                    12582 West Millennium Drive
                    Los Angeles, CA 90094